The faculty has achieved a lot in recent years with regard to sustainability. Plastic cups are no longer provided, waste is separated and the awareness of a greener faculty among students and teachers is going in the right direction. Nevertheless, there are still enough improvements possible to make our faculty even greener. Therefore TBR pleads for solar panels on the buildings of the Faculty of Law where possible. The government still provides subsidies, which makes the purchase of solar panels relatively cheap. This is a sustainable way to produce and use energy in our own way. In the context of saving paper, we are also in favour of taking exams online as much as possible. This will reduce the amount of paper the faculty needs on an annual basis.

In addition, the faculty will move to a new building in a few years. To continue the sustainability of the faculty, TBR also advocates automatic light and heat systems in the halls, good insulation of the buildings and an automatic water system in the toilets of the new faculty. Furthermore, TBR is in favour of planting more trees and plants or creating an indoor garden at the new faculty. Finally, TBR stands for counteracting food wastage. In the canteens of our faculty there is a lot of food in circulation and throwing it away at the end of the day or week is a shame. This food can be donated to the local food banks so that the faculty can contribute to the world and society around us.


  • Installing solar panels where possible;
  • Taking exams online;
  • Installation of automatic heating, lighting and water systems;
  • Prevention of food waste.