1. Sander van den Tillaard

My name is Sander van den Tillaard. I am doing the master in Dutch law, specializing in criminal law and I am the group chairman of Ten Behoeve of Law Students. You can know me from the course General Law. Here I am a student assistant and give law and communication trainings for the Student Court. Furthermore, I am involved in faculty information activities. In this role, I provide information to school students, undergraduate and graduate students and help organize open days and taster days. Finally, you may know me from the Legal Faculty Association, where I served on the Symposium Committee.

I want to use my extensive experience within the faculty to build a bridge between the students and the lecturers. I work for and with students, but also for and with lecturers. This allows me to understand what is important to students and what is feasible at the faculty level.

We have had a difficult time, but it is time to fully resume our daily lives. Perhaps not everyone feels comfortable with this, you are not feeling well or your grades are falling. We are going to make an effort to help you with this. In the coming year TBR will focus on safety, student welfare, sustainability, internationalisation and the quality of education. Important topics that make our faculty even better. For the detailed programme, I refer you to our party programme.

Vote TBR! Your law faculty. Your future.